Sale Facility

When we came for our first tour of the Wyatt Farm, we both fell in love with the sale barn. The barn was built in 2003 to sell their own cattle and accommodate local producers. The warm and homey feeling of the sale barn makes it a great choice for sellers and buyers.

The facility is clean, warm, and well maintained; three things that make a sale an enjoyable experience. There is an office and a warm, clean washroom; a must have for any lady attending a sale!

We are working towards completely insulating the building; for the time being propane heaters are used to keep the barn warm. Bleacher style benches seat approximately 150 people; however the Wyatt’s claim the building has held 300 people!

Auctioneers that have worked in our barn are Brent Carey, Ward Cutler, Steve Dorran, Chris Poley, Ryan Dorran, and Dale Stith. They have all provided complements on the building and overall sale facility.

Our fully automatic Stampede Steel chute has an electric scale and is located just outside the sales ring with a crowding tub just outside the barn. While Sarah planned the wedding in October, Jim and his helpers worked on remodelling the pens to the south of the sale barn. Jim built 8 pens 20 x 30 ft with 3 larger pens 35 x 30 ft. These pens have gate access on both sides. The system is great for sorting and viewing cattle on sale day. Water is also accessible for cattle in pens. On preg check day we have fit up to 200 cows in these pens!




The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the barn is the “waterhole.” The western looking bar adds fun and is a great place to gather after a sale. If you wish to serve lunch sale day, our local caterers provide a great meal. Some cattlemen provide their own lunch and we are willing to help where needed.

The sale barn is located 5 km south of Kisbey on grid road #605 and 4 km west on the first paved road.

We are continuing the sales that have been hosted in the barn and look forward to accommodating future customers. We are proud of our ranch and the sale barn and would love to show you around!

Kisbey, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Sarah 306.575.7609