About Us

Jim & Sarah Anderson along with daughters Morgan and Quinn and son Cole own and operate Right Cross Ranch. Located just south of the Moose Mountains, our closest center is Kisbey, Saskatchewan.

We calve around 200 purebred Red and Black Angus and 200 Angus based commercial cows. Our bulls are sold in two of our own sales per year, the third Monday in April and the first Monday in December. The April sale consists of around 45 purebred Red and Black Angus yearlings and the December sale consists of around 20 Long Yearling bulls and a group of locally bought commercial bred heifers. We strive to provide seed-stock that are raised in a “real world” scenario. Our purebreds are run with our commercial cows and fed a TMP consisting of straw, hay, silage, and a mineral pack. 

We work with a nutritionist to provide our cows what they need but do our best to keep our costs down as well. Our females must be easy fleshing, be able to rebreed early and raise a calf that we’re willing to stand behind.

One thing that we feel sets us apart from the crowd is our work ethic. We pride ourselves on putting in our best effort, no matter what the task. One of the reason’s that our customers keep coming back year after year is our commitment to doing our best. Ranching isn’t just a hobby for us, it’s our life. We are 100% committed to the Right Cross Ranch brand, our customers, and teaching our family the true meaning of our slogan: Our Best. Always.

Kisbey, Saskatchewan, Canada
Jim 306.575.7608
Sarah 306.575.7609

Email: rightcrossranch@hotmail.com